The 1st round of Bearache NFT sale will be open for 1 hour or only 1000 NFTs will be released, starting from 22:00, Sep. 16th, SGT. Here is a step-by-step user guide on how to grab your Bearache.

  1. Go to and connect to Metamask wallet. Make your Metamask wallet is switched to Ethereum mainnet and there is enough ETH balance to cover the NFT blind box as well as the transaction fee.

2. Click [Get Your Bear(s) Here]

Bearache is a collection of 10,000 NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Bearache will not only be your 1st digital friend but also a proof of membership in the REALY Metaverse (to be launched), which grants you member-only benefits and priorities to become one of the first residents of the REALY metaverse. Future lands and perks could also be subsequently unlocked by the community.

How do I get a Bearache?

It’s simple!

  1. Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask (or other Ethereum browser wallets of your choice). This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Ethereum account.

We are excited to announce another round of strategic partnership between REALY NFT and Bounce Auction. REALY’s to be released limited edition NFTs will be available for auction and sale on the Bounce NFT marketplace and platform. In addition, both parties shall mutually leverage their technologies, resources, and communities to bring more collaborations (to be announced) to both the NFT and the fashion collectible communities. Together, the partnership shall “seamlessly link the physical and virtual world” and build the world’s largest virtual city.

About Bounce

Bounce is a blockchain-based Shopify for digital art, comics, sports, and more. It has three main features:

We are pleased to announce that REALY has recently completed a strategic investment round led by Three Arrows Capital, with the important participation of District0x and other institutions.

Two days ago, the Digital avatar developer, Genies, announced an investment round led by several heavyweight investors, including Flow’s developers, Dapper Labs, to build an NFT marketplace for digital avatars on the Flow blockchain to become an Amazon alike platform for Metaverse equipment NFT. …

REALY is a decentralized NFT marketplace for Street Culture and New Luxury. By leveraging its extensive experience in New Luxury and Street Fashion, REALY aims to hit the Crypto Non-Fungible Token (NFT) community and bring real-world assets on-chain.

REALY securely uploads items on-chain by implanting and bounding NFC chips (encrypted with its exclusive algorithm) in the fashion items, granting them a globally unique ID with the NFT technology. Since each NFT represents a physical custodial product, this integration provides an authentication solution to luxury collectibles on the one hand. …

We are pleased to announce that REALY has recently completed our seed round financing led by Multicoin Capital with Alameda Research and SNZ Capital participation.

As a bridge between the New Luxury industry and the blockchain, we have established official collaboration with many well-known brands, including Mars Space Station, Macott Station, Revenge, SHINE, etc. Our mission to help real-world brands and design IPs enter the crypto world through NFTs, at the same time promote large-scale applications of blockchain and NFT, and last but not least, realize the integration between the real world and the virtual world.

1. Are NFTs of physical assets pointless?

This was one of…

REALY is honored to participate in the organization of the world’s first Crypto Art Exhibition in China — the “ Virtual Niche”. The Exhibition will be hosted in Beijing and Shanghai by BlockCreateArt (BCA). REALY and its partner, Mars Space Station, will participate and bring cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting solutions and fashionable collectibles to the Exhibition.


REALY offers one-stop anti-counterfeiting solutions to fashion items and collectibles. The cutting edge anti-counterfeiting solutions include:

  • Encrypted Anti-Counterfeiting NFC Chip: placing an NFC chip into the collectible item with REALY’s exclusive encryption technology that prevents their NFC chips from being copied, ensuring and protecting the authenticity…

From CryptoPunks and Crypto Kitties to the recent auction at Christie’s that ended up in a close to 70 million USD deal for a masterpiece NFT produced by Beeple, blockchain technology has finally broken out from the crypto space. Countless artists, musicians, luxury brands, sports competitions, games, and other big players in the traditional world have entered the arena, further helping NFT to expand.

Are NFTs only useful for crypto art? Obviously not. We believe that if FTs (homogeneous token) are the digital world's currencies, then NFTs are the items. More importantly, the future virtual world is neither purely virtual…

What Else is Worth Trading

Apart from the fully decentralized BTC and the ecologically prosperous ETH in the crypto world, what else is worth trading?

Altcoins? Although numerous projects with various consensus mechanisms are emerging in an endless stream, most of the time, they are simply touching on the face value and following the trend. They don’t study and explore the technology, and their applications in the real world are farfetched, to say the least.

Originally, BTC is envisioned as a haven for the accumulation of digital assets, while Altcoins are viewed as a way to make some “quick money.”

The result? Most of them…


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