Announcing realy metaverse Alpha Test

2 min readMar 23, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we are going to host realy metaverse Alpha Test. As we have been receiving a lot requests from our community and awarding users who always support us, we have come to a decision:

Alpha Test Plan:

Time: Mar 31, 2022-Apr 14, 2022

Total: 3,000 citizens invited

Rewards: $100,000 REALs

Avatar Airdrop Plan:

Avatar is a must and the virtual being in realy metaverse. We will invite our early supporters to be our first citizens.

1. Bearache Holders:Every Bearache holder will receive 1 Avatar + 1 Concert Ticket

2. Cubeing Holders:Every Cubeing holder will receive 1 Avatar

3. Virtual Clothes Holders: Every Virtual Clothes Holder will receive 1 Avatar

4. $REAL Holders: $REAL holders who hold minimum 500 REALs will receive 1 Avatar

5. Realy Voucher Holders:Priority Access to get Concert Tickets

6. The other invitations will be airdropped through various activities such as Gleam campaign, AMA, invite campaign and etc… (More details are coming soon)

Notes: We will announce the specific airdrop information in Discord on 25th

Alpha Test Rewards:

1. Users which posts the evaluation video or pictures of realy metaverse on social channels and mentioning three friends, and posts screenshots and links in the discord evaluation channel. Top 100 participents will get 30 REALs each.

2. Internal Alpha version bugs are submitted on discord which accepted by the team after review. Each person will be rewarded with 20 REALs.

3. Participants which record YouTube videos about realy metaverse. Top 20 participants by view counts (Conditions: the minimum number of views exceeds 1000) will get 50 REALs each.

4. What kind of avatar do you have? Show your avatar’s attributes on twitter and tell us your imagination about avatar’s story. The most interesting ones will get 20 REALs each.

Have Fun! See you in realy metaverse!

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