Kooola City Urban Party Live to Earn System Alive

May 2, 2022


Dear Kooola Citizens, Kooola City Urban Party is now open! Live to Earn System is alive, join the party and live to earn with us!

Wanna know how to Live to Earn in Urban Party, here is the guideline for you!

If the current channel is full, pls switch the channel!

Wanna know how much you can earn from this? Here is the answer!

How does it look for you? Come on and join us, start the fashionable and passionate lifestyle with us and earn from it!

ℹ️ NOTICE: to start the Live to Earn you will need to re-download Kooola City on your PC, download the Kooola City Urban Party here: kooola.io

Come and join us!

Discord, https://discord.gg/realy

Telegram, https://t.me/realyofficial

Whitepaper: https://realy.pro/whitepaper.pdf