KOOOLA is Back: Knowknow Virtual Concert Re-opening

3 min readJun 12, 2022

After 1 month of system update, KOOOLA City Virtual Concert is officially back and will be open for 1 month for the Kooolers to explore, enjoy the concert and join the Play2Earn game.

For the game updates, we have updated features as below:

  1. Anti Cheat system integration. To protect the user’s benefits, we have fully updated the anti-cheating system. To start the game again, the anti-cheat software needs to be downloaded, enter the game and click “ CLICK ME” to install the software automotively.

If the installation failed, please enter “ Kooola -> Game” and clock InstallAntiCheat.bat. After the installation, you will be able to log into the game.

2. Decentralize wallet integration. To guarantee a smooth user experience, users now can log in to the game with the wallet connected with Kooola account email and password. Log in to the game with Phantom Wallet on Kooola.io and link email to the wallet, you will be able to use the avatars and tickets for your account without further transaction.

For the Knowknow Virtual Concert

ACTIVATION TIME: June 12, 2PM UTC — July 12, 2PM UTC

How to Play?

STEP 1. Download the game at : kooola.io/download

STEP 2. Check the tutorial and start the journey

STEP 3. Join the concert and earn while enjoying the music

Game rule:

  1. Every time collecting 10 fragments, users will be able to get a mystery box. There will be NFT and REAL tokens inside the mystery box, valued from 2–45 REAL
  2. The concert will be held each hour, while the fragments would also be renewed! 160 fragments would be available for grab in each concert, users can continuously collect fragments to win incentives!
  3. Rewards will be able to get withdrawn within 7–15 days.

About Realy

Realy Metaverse, also called KOOOLA virtual city, is a super-realistic style AAA Metaverse game product. Social, e-commerce, games, and trading are perfectly integrated here, which virtual and reality are perfectly merged.

Backed by the Unreal Engine. Realy mainly focus on street culture and will issue NFTs including fashion branded items, art toys, rap music pieces, graffiti arts, and items/IPs with skateboarding and many other street culture elements. Realy will also have many collaborations with celebrities and famous names.

Come and join us!

Discord, https://discord.gg/realy

Telegram, https://t.me/realyofficial

Whitepaper: https://realy.pro/whitepaper.pdf