META THE WORLD — A Guide to Metaverse Tour

At 14:00(UTC+8)online virtually (link to be announced) on November 19th, Odaily Planet Daily and Realy jointly organized “META THE WORLD — A Guide to Metaverse Tour”, inviting metaverse top players and top capitals to layout the metaverse track, and take you to the second life of metaverse.

As Facebook changed its name to “Meta”, Metaverse once again became the focus of the market. As a virtual space, it is called “the next stop of the Internet.” It allows you to immerse yourself in it and interact with virtual surroundings, such as participating in concerts, buying NFTs, and even opening up a game mode of earning and playing, further integrating reality and the Internet.

The birth of the metaverse

In 1992, Neal Stephenson, a famous American science fiction writer, mentioned an online world parallel to the real world in his novel “Snow Crash”, calling it “Metaworld”, in the original English book Called “Metaverse”.

2021 is the first year of the outbreak of “Metaverse”.

Some significant events include: in March, Roblox (Roblox, RBLX.NYSE), the “Meta Universe First Share” game platform, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange; in April, American pop singer Travis Scott hosted a 10,000-person event in the game “Fortress Night”, a virtual concert.

The young people in the Z era are fascinated by the metaverse, just like the people in the 70s and 80s who were obsessed with the world of martial arts.

Although none of us can be sure of the final form of this digital world, we have conceived: In this virtual world of time and space, everyone has a network avatar that can create different values ​​from reality and enjoy a different life.

The metaverse is full of metaphors to the real world, and it is also becoming a wormhole that breaks through the boundaries of reality and opens a new era of mankind.

Capital dreams “metaverse”

The metaverse track itself has trillion-level market potential, including AI, blockchain, communications, AR, VR, and many other emerging technologies, connecting in the background of technological development. Leading VCs and investment institutions are all entering.

In terms of metaverse-related IPs, according to publicly available information, a total of 3,167 applications for the registration of the domestic “Metaverse” trademark have been applied for.

Since September 1, 2021, “Metaverse” related trademarks have been applied for 2,939, and Tencent and other companies have successively applied for trademarks such as QQ Metaverse.

Since the listing of the first stock of Metaverse, foreign companies such as Facebook, Epic Games, and Nvidia have deployed Metaverse, and many Chinese companies including Tencent have also begun to deploy.

“Generally speaking, the measure of the real start of a track is that the amount of head financing it is getting as it reaches higher, which is related to the depth of capital recognition. In the field of Metaverse, their trends are the industry’s vane.”

A guide to the metaverse

Many people believe that Metaverse is the next stop on the Internet. So far, the best scene of the meta-universe landing belongs to the game.

For example, Roblox organized a virtual immersive virtual experience event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Gucci brand. Another example is the AI ​​workshop held by AIAC in Animal Crossing, which provides a virtual space for AI researchers to communicate and interact.

In addition, a new method of meta-universe “Live to earn” was proposed, and the meta-universe mode of “sit there to earn” was opened up.

RealyMetaverse is the first Metaverse project in the first episode of Solana ecology, “Metaverse Virtual Life + Wearable Tool NFT + Equity Pet NFT + 3A Game Screen + Well-known IP Cooperation”, that is, in RealyMetaverse, every user can raise pets, participate in the construction of the metaverse and interact with street fashion IP, enjoy the dividends of the entire ecology; and promote the expansion of the player’s own economy from games to fashion, architecture, virtual concerts, virtual performances, art exhibitions, museums, etc., to develop The entire ecosystem and opportunities in the digital realm.

With the development of technology, the time for people to accept new things is shortening. In the digital age, people are immersed in the display of different “personal settings” in another parallel universe and experience second life: watching digital art exhibitions, buying virtual goods, watching virtual concerts…

The boundaries we explore will extend infinitely. Meta universe is the next frontier technology to connect people, just like the original social networking site. Although the meta universe is still in a very early embryonic stage, the connection of people is only one of the links, but the future is far more than that.

Or eventually, technology will enable visualized digital bodies to replace today’s simple digital identities, and we can truly immerse ourselves in the virtual world.

At 14:00 on November 19th, the Odaily Planet Daily and Realy jointly host “META THE WORLD-A Guide to the Meta-Universe”, inviting the lead players of the Meta-Universe and the lead capital of the layout of the Meta-Universe track, and you will be open your path to your “Metaverse” “Second Life.”



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