One of Bearaches’ story

Every Bearache is a ticket to Realymeteverse

When George decided to leave the house, Bearache was found among a pile of broken toys in the storage room. He could not remember that he had played with this little bear when he was a child, but because of its unique appearance, Bearache quickly captured the adult George’s heart.

When we regained most of the toys we played with as a child, we will find that its colors would fade, rust, and lack parts and could no longer be used in any way.

But at a glance, George discovered that Bearache is special: its limbs and facial features are all spliced, but it is precisely because of this that it produces a unique visual effect, and more importantly, it also means: no matter how it is damaged, any material can be used as long as it has a soul. Let George return the Bearache to what it should be and so it can stay with him.

So George brought Bearache to his new living environment, and it was the only thing that George decided to take from his past life to the present.

George continued to work hard for his new life and encountered many setbacks. Real-life is not always satisfactory, and this dissatisfaction does not lie in being not content.

George doesn’t know why, but every time, during these harsh times, he would like to go home to see his Bearache, watch its patchwork but still intact body, imagine its original appearance and the things it has experienced, and enjoy its quiet accompaniment.

Slowly, George got used to the days when Bearache was around: he would say to it what he had never said to others, and would naturally show sorrow in front of it. The magic is: although Bearache has never given any response, George felt accepted as never before.

Until, one night, George did not fall asleep as quickly as usual, but heard some unusual sounds:

“My friend, I know you are good for me, but George made me see the light again. I can’t just leave.”

“I’m still worried that he won’t be able to accept it. Just imagine: if the cucumber you are cutting talks to you one day, then you are murdering, everything will change!”

“What’s more, I now know a lot of his secrets. Although I have seen many people in the world, after all, I have changed seven or eight masters, but what those little kids who have just finished breastfeeding say are not the same as what George said. I’m joking about the safety of my life!”

“Shhh, I heard some movement.”

George got up, walked secretly into the living room, opened it and waited, only to see Bearache staying on the sofa as usual. George wondered if he was dreaming or was hearing hallucinations.

He picked up the Bearache and looked at it carefully…

Suddenly a strange feeling spread in his heart. He and Bearache have been together for two years, but he has never given this strange-looking bear a name, although he is not sure whether it is exactly a bear.

However, naming a bear is normal for children. Children really treat toys as their friends. Why does it seem a bit nervous for an adult? But he did treat this little bear-like doll as a friend, but he never gave it a proper name…

There is an impulse: “You, will you be called Billy from now on?” Billy is the name of the first stuffed bear when George was very young.

“Finally!!” A rough voice came from Bearache’s body, and Billy jumped out of George’s hand and began to talk in front of him.

Billy talked about the bond between Bearache and human beings, the secret of life for Bearache and the world in which Bearache can move freely-RealyMetaverse: only Bearache given free life by the owner can return to RealyMetaverse and continue to grow, and only in the company of the owner that Bearache can grow.

Whether abandoned or forgotten, Bearache will stay where it is until it is rescued by the next sincere heart.

That night, Billy got a free life from George, and George also saw the world of Bearache for the first time: it was more colorful and closer to fantasy than the real world, and he also saw countless other Bearaches, experiencing the novel world led by the owner.

The Bearaches here have similar rules to those in the real world. They have their own profession and their own interpersonal relationships…

The exploration of George and Bearache Billy in RealyMetaverse will continue under the leadership of Billy this time.

In the future, they will experience many things together, create many unique memories, and there will be more soul-injected toys added to the RealyMetaverse.

And you, think about the name of your Bearache, ready to give him a life of freedom, so as to appreciate the wonder of RealyMetaverse?



Street culture metaverse

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