Realy, Exploring a Hype Version of Free Guy and Game Player One

5 min readApr 28, 2022

An Initial and Fantastic Street Culture Metaverse is Unveiled to the Public

Realy metaverse is officially open as a “Urban City” phrase in KOOOLA city on April 30th, 2022. This first Live-to-Earn system chooses to start with an exciting concert festival partnering with Chinese rapper “KnowKnow”, as the “Live” also stands for Live concert. With no doubt, Realy is becoming a serious player more and more in the Metaverse ecosystem.

Imagine living in a virtual reality world, where you can have your avatar taking a city tour, purchasing luxury and high-street pieces, and getting drunk at Coachella. You can also run a store, skate a vote and own land — — all without leaving your home.

These are just a few of the scenarios unveiled in Realy Metaverse, a fantastic digital world that connected virtual reality and a second life. Inspired by past offline street culture, it is the first and largest Metaverse launched in Solana mainly focused on street culture.

“Realy metaverse is providing a spiritual home for human beings,” says Yomiko, CMO of Realy. “Covid-19 not only destroys our immune system, but our soul to freedom…and we actually want to do something to help people relieve themselves. Maybe going to live concerts with their best friends would help, and that is why we decided to launch our public test with concert.”

“We are delighted to work with KnowKnow to shine a light on artists from diverse backgrounds.” Said George, Co-founder of Realy, “In order to address more non-crypto users, we would rather bring them to our metaverse through their favorite celebrities and KOLs’ collaboration events. We have already signed some rappers, artists and KOLs in China and the United States, and will gradually launch exclusive virtual concerts, exhibitions and exclusive NFTs for them.”

KOOOLA Virtual Concert is produced by top Japanese and Belgian teams. In order to create the most realistic artist avatars, they used industry-leading technologies such as live scanning, 3D hyper-realistic modeling, and motion/expression capture to better improve the performance. The virtual concert simulates the real scene from the human senses, creates a virtual immersive space, and enhances the details and layering in the picture space.

Currently, users can join KOOOLA city via PICO headsets, and will also be supported by Meta Quest. In the future, Realy metaverse will cooperate with more celebrities and artists with flame, to host 3D virtual concerts, open crossover brands’ virtual stores and curate exhibitions and collections in art museums. Virtual lands and virtual pets will be also launched, till City DAO governance would be finally established.

Below are details for everyone to join such an urban party:

Active Date:

April 30, 2022, and the concert is from April 30, 2022 to May 31, 2022

Where to Play:

How to Play:

Check our welcome video:

Users can collect the dropping fragments in the KnowKnow concert while enjoying music and partying with other users. Every time collecting 10 fragments, users will be able to get a mystery box. There will be NFT and REAL tokens inside the mystery box, valued from 2–75 REAL (around 10–375 USDT), which means users will be able to get back within about 1 week!

The concert will be held each hour, while the fragments would also be renewed! 160 fragments would be available for grab in each concert, users can continuously collect fragments to win incentives!

Of course, while users are developing their equipment level, they will be able to win more from the game!

👇 Check the form below to know how much users can win from the game!

As a reminder, the income was estimated by the assumption that users will be joining 2 concerts everyday, but yeah, the more users join the more users would earn, their payback period will be shortened as well!

Extra rewards!

Excited about it? Buy the avatars and tickets here :

To our super fans –

The last box will be a super surprise every time you collect 10 mystery boxes successfully. It contains the highest incentives of the level, which would help you decrease the payback period and earn more!

To our active users and high level users –

Take our extra airdrop!

To everyone in the Urban City –

While the concert is coming to the end (end of May), you will be able to collect fragments out of the concert as well, which will help to decrease fragments collecting budget and increase user income!

In the end, ALL the incomes we get from selling avatar and concert tickets will be put into the prize pool and given back to our users. Besides the huge intensives we provided in the metaverse, there will be social media campaigns coming as well, to offer opportunities of earning extra rewards by sharing their Urban Party experience!

About Realy

Realy Metaverse, also called KOOOLA virtual city, is a super-realistic style AAA Metaverse game product. Social, e-commerce, games, and trading are perfectly integrated here, which virtual and reality are perfectly merged.

Backed by the Unreal Engine. Realy mainly focus on street culture and will issue NFTs including fashion branded items, art toys, rap music pieces, graffiti arts, and items/IPs with skateboarding and many other street culture elements. Realy will also have many collaborations with celebrities and famous names.

Come and join us!