Realy metaverse Alpha Test Airdrop Avatar Claim Instructions

2 min readMar 28, 2022
  1. If you are Bearache, Cubeing and Realy voucher NFT holders, please make sure to verify your holding addresses at and to submit your Solana address before 12:00 pm Mar.30 UTC

2. For Holders of virtual clothes and Real holders, we will airdrop it directly to your Solana address

3. For Bybit users: Please connect Bybit via

4. For FTX NFT users: Please submit your records of NFT in #ftx-nft-purchase-vevification

5. Gleam/Community activities are still in progress, please wait for the result.

Airdrop list(bearache/cubeing/virtual clothes)

How to log in Metaverse ?

For alpha test, we only support Realy app account login. The decentralized wallet login is in development.

1. Download Realy app at

2. Sign up and log in realy app with your email address.

3. Please transfer the avatar NFT into your Realy app account.

4. Log in KOOOLA City with your Realy app account.

Airdrop timetable

In order to ensure the good experience of the metaverse, we will airdrop avatars in batches

About Rewards:

① Sharing with your friends!

Top 100 users who upload videos or at pictures about Realy Metaverse to your social accounts (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, etc.) as well as mentioning 3 friends will get 30 REALs. (Please post screenshots and links in the #hot-social)

② Finding bugs!

If you found bugs on Alpha Test version, please submit it to us via #bug-submit . Once it’s received and checked by the team, you will be rewarded with 20 REALs.

③ Making videos!

We’ll be thankful if you decided to upload evaluation videos to your Youtube Channel. Top 20 Youtubers who get at least 1000 views will get 50 REALs each. (Please post links in the #hot-youtube)

④ Making stories!

What kind of avatar do you have? Show your avatar’s attributes on twitter and tell us your imagination about avatar’s story. The most interesting ones will get 20 REALs each. (Please post your stories with links in the #avatar-story)

Come and join us!