Realy Metaverse Alpha Test Overview

8 min readApr 17, 2022

Thank you for participating in this Alpha test of KOOOLA City (the metaverse created by Real), starting from April 1st to April 15th, 2022.

The purpose of this test is to make sure the Unreal Engine is reliable enough, and to show the potential players the fantastic views of the city we built.

We feel that this test has been a great opportunity for us to progress a lot — not only in the development of the community, but also the infrastructure and the mechanism. We also saw this progression occur with our users, and we believe it will further improve our public beta experience in the future.

Understanding KOOOLA City

KOOOLA City is a virtual city in the sky with AAA graphics. Realy focuses on street culture by merging real world names including fashion brands, graffiti artists, chic toy brands, rappers and skateboard brands to Metaverse.

In the present version, the city consists of nature, buildings, streets, arts, stadiums, and so on. Users will be immersed in street culture. Avatar is the only certificate to enter the Metaverse. Besides, people can buy clothes to decorate themselves.

Airdropping Realy Assets

On our partner platforms of Bybit, Galaxy and FTX, we airdropped the holders of a series of Realy assets (Avatar NFT, Bearache, Cubeing, Realy voucher NFT holders and virtual clothes NFT), as our appreciation to users’ long-term support before the test:

We also gave out assets as rewards, to those who invited friends to our community and were highly engaged with us. We have launched several events on social platforms, such as “Building up with Realy” in Discord, some promotional activities “Realy Alpha Test Avatar Airdrop”

on Twitter.

Highlights of the Test

In order to make the community more engaging, enjoyable, and easier to play, we hosted 10+ activities, such as Hide and Seek, Who’ Spy and Just Dance. Users could interact with others to finish the task and earn rewards. At the same time, for new traffic acquisition and activation, we launched a series of activities in Discord, including Hot Social, Bug Submit, Hot Youtube and Avatar Story.

On April 6th, we opened the first gathering of members for the first time. The number of participants reached the peak value of the channel, and the carrying capacity of each channel reached the extreme value.

On April 7th, as the Hot Day event brought us huge traffic, we decided to extend the deadline until the end of the test. Users don’t have to worry about not completing tasks on time due to network congestion or other reasons.

After removing the duplicates, a total of 1,200 people were invited via Realy community and social accounts. Over 800 members took part in. In this round, we have put in 3000 avatar NFTs, and 12,000 people participated in the event. In the future, we will sell Avatar NFT to the public and further expand the community. Let’s look forward to the public beta.

Below are some details about the social events and interactive games we hosted during the test:

Social part: Out Spreads with Realy

Hot Social: Users which posts the evaluation video or pictures of Realy metaverse on social platform and mentioning three friends, and posts screenshots and links in the discord evaluation channel.

REWARDS: Top 100 participents will get 30 REALs each.

RESULTS: There are 242 users participating in social sharing.

Hot Youtube: Participants which record YouTube videos about realy metaverse.

REWARDS: Top 20 participants by view counts (Conditions: the minimum number of views exceeds 1000) will get 50 REALs each.

RESULTS: There are 157 users participating in Youtube sharing..

Avatar Story: Show your avatar’s attributes on twitter or any social platform and tell us your imagination about Avatar’s story .

REWARDS: The most interesting ones will get 20 REALs each.

RESULTS: Users have created more than 58 stories

Bug Submit: Alpha test bugs are submitted on discord which accepted by the team after review.

REWARDS: Each person will be rewarded with 20 REALs.

RESULTS: The user submitted 39 bugs we recognized.

Game part: Play in the KOOOLA CITY

Hide and Seek: Players enter the game to find the special NPC based on the hints which are delivered via other channels and get rewarded.

REWARDS: Top 100 users who find all NPCs with photos will get 5 REALs! The rest who finish the task will get 3 REALs! The user who takes a photo with most AVATAR population will get extra 50 REALs each!

RESULTS: There are more than 350 people took part in this game and 198 of them finish the talk. At most 72 players are online at the same time.

Hot Dog: Players enter the game and Take a photo with Hot dog stand

REWARDS:Everyone who takes part in the event will get 3 REALs

RESULTS: There are more than 600 people took part in this game

Meets and Greets: Players enter the game and walk around to find other people. When at least 2 of you face the same direction with the same action at the same time, screenshot it.

REWARDS: First 20 players who get at least 10 ‘meet-and greet‘ photos will get 5 REALs!Player who get the most photos will get 30 REALs!

RESULTS: There are about 298 players took part in the game and 15 of them finish the task. One player get 65 pics which is the most.

Just Dance: Dance in Kooola City with any music you like. Record your dance( for at least 2 minutes ) and share it via YouTube or Twitter.

REWARDS: First 20 players who finish the task will get 5 Real token each.Players who get at least 1000 view count will enter the finale. Community members in discord can vote� for best 3 and winners by vote count will win following rewards: 100/65/35 Real tokens.

RESULTS: More than 30 players finished the task and top 3 is being voted right now.

King of Billboard: Find 5 different billboards in Kooola City and have a screenshot to prove it.

REWARDS: First 20 users who finish the task get 5 Reals

RESULTS: More than 315 players finished the task.

Who’s Spy: Find the NPC in Channel 1 based on the hints in community. Ask him/her ONE question about the SPY which can be answer by ‘Yes’ or ’No‘ Find the SPY in the city and take a screenshot to proof it.

REWARDS: Users who finish the task in time share 100 Reals together equally.

RESULTS: Over 257 took part in the hardest game ever, 58 of them finished the task.

Be Twins: Explore the city and find people who have the same haircut, tops, dress and pants as yours (the original bra and underwear won’t be counted.Screenshot when two of you in the same place and both of you face the same direction

REWARDS:First 20 users who finish the task get 5 Reals。

RESULTS: Over 367 took part in and finished the task.

Plan for Public Test

a. Virtual Concert

We’re planning a virtual concert with KNOWKNOW, a rapper from Mainland China. He is one of the team members of the Chinese famous rap group Higher Brothers. His main masterpieces include “R&B All Night” and “Mr. Bentley”.

In addition to a number of his popular songs, in the first concert in KOOOLA, KNOWKNOW will perform the theme song of KOOOLA, which he specially composed for. This is also the first time the song will be fully exposed to the public.

The concert will be held in KOOOLA CITY from 23 April 21:00 to 23 May 21:00, and the tickets will be launched in a few days.


Due to the limited time, we’ve already had 24 designated images in the first version. And the function of making your own faces is already under development, please look forward to the next version. Based on the scarcity of those avatars, we’ve divided them into 3 categories: SSR, SR, and R.

The Mystery Box of Avatar will be launched in a very days.

c. Pets

In the next release, expected June. The launch of the pet function, including raising pets, pet socialization, pet upgrades, and other functions

d.Cooperation with other brands

Compared with other projects, we mainly focus on street culture and have limited editions. REALY only avatars of collaboration artists and KOLs, virtual functional products, virtual concerts, which brings in brands and artists collaboration, and so on, truly merging city life and street culture into the Metaverse. Towards the non-crypto users, we can bring them to our Metaverse through their favorite celebrities and KOLs’ collaboration events. We have already signed some rappers, artists and KOLs in China and the United States, and will gradually launch exclusive virtual concerts, exhibitions and exclusive NFTs for them. Please stay tuned for these.

e. What’s more

In the future, we hope that everyone can use Realy to create their own NFT game characters and anyone can create in-game assets. The threshold for Realy is not high: Avatar is the only certificate to enter the Metaverse. And the price is 10 Reals.

Under the influence of everyday characters and incentives in the game, this cost will come back in about a week. In this way, we are breaking the high threshold of the Metaverse.

Come and join us!