Story of 3 Little Bearaches | Win a free Bearache NFT

As we grow up, our best friend(s), the teddy bear, barbie doll, or toy car that we once played with every day, gets left in a corner, dark storage or some are even missing.

But not with Bearaches, as a new generation’s toy, once you claim it, your experience with your Bearache will be written into the blockchain history forever.

A Bearache is more than a toy or a pet in RealyMetaverse, it’s also a period of your life, when you wander in the RealyMetaverse, searching for the meaning of life.

Win a unique Bearache NFT by:
(1) Join our Discord at ;

(2) Submit your imaginary story of your life with your Bearache (the story must include how you met your Bearache, what happened afterward);

(3) Don’t forget to attach your 0x address below your story (or DM it to CryptoGranny#9498 on discord if you prefer);

(4) RT & tag your 3 friends;

(5) Stories with the most likes/emojis/threads will have the chance of winning a Bearache NFT (a total of 3 NFTs are reserved for this event).

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