Vouchers and CUBEING Airdrops

3 min readJan 30, 2022

Welcome to the CUBEING clubhouse

- A limited NFT collection as your membership to CUBEING clubhouse and realy Metaverse


After wandering among multi-metaverse, the majestic creator Cédric Hervet, who forged CUBEING, decides to find a new home — realy Metaverse, for them to live in.

CUBEINGs are living artifact NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on Arweave. Each CUBEING is unique, with different specs, appearances, characteristics…… there are more than 200 possible traits. As no two human beings are identical, no two CUBEINGs are identical.

All CUBEINGs are handcrafted by Cédric. Hence, all CUBEING are born equal.


After forging CUBEINGs, Cédric decides to find them new homes as they love staying with people. He distributed some vouchers to people who wanted to adopt these little babies. If you are lucky enough to hold a pink voucher — please beware, it is an official adoption certificate.

On 4th Feb , a snapshot will be taken at 18:00(UTC+8), after that vouchers can’t be traded, and a CUBEING will be airdropped to you at next 3 days.

black vouchers
pink vouchers

Besides pink vouchers, Cédric also distributed a minimal number of black vouchers for those interested in CUBEING but hesitated to pay the adoption fee.

Both pink and black vouchers are digital certificates of entering the CUBEING clubhouse founded by Cédric. The clubhouse is based at the core area of realy Metaverse for all the CUBEING lovers. The voucher holders and CUBEING holders will gain access to the CUBEING clubhouse whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Please note some benefits will be reserved for people who hold voucher and CUBEING simultaneously.


Although Cédric founds the CUBEING Clubhouse, it is designed to be co-operated by Cédric and communities. Several rooms have already been occupied and under construction, which includes:

1. A Graffiti Room for clubhouse members to co-create artwork. Members can paint on the wall of the room as per a set rule;

2. A Clothing Store for CUBEING holders. There will be a fitting room so you can dress up your CUBEING;

3. A Live house for clubhouse members. Private bands will be invited occasionally, and the audience will receive exclusive souvenirs after attending the event;

4. A Reforging Station for CUBEING holders. You will have a chance to change your CUBEING appearance permanently.

There are still plenty of rooms left for the clubhouse, and every community member will have a chance to contribute valuable ideas to make up a space only for CUBEING lovers. Generous rewards including $REAL and exclusive NFT drops will be awarded for members who actively visit and BUIDL the clubhouse.


Adopting a CUBEING is only a beginning. Cédric has given birth to CUBEING, but it is up to the viewer to interpret it. Undoubtedly, it will continue to grow and evolve into multiple forms, including wearables, music, decorations, furniture, and something beyond imagination.

We sincerely invite you to participate and share your view of CUBEING at Realy official Discord channel dedicated to CUBEING. A creativity event will be held shortly to celebrate the birth of CUBEING. The CUBEING holders and community members will have a chance to create original artwork of CUBEING be rewarded NFTs and Tokens. Stay tuned!