We Hear, We Care: REALY Bi-weekly Community AMA (1)

3 min readMay 23, 2022


1. What will the team do to combat the market downtrend?

  • The word Realy is not a typo, but represents that we come from reality and are creating virtuality. Realy is a metaverse virtual economy that has its own business logic and can rely on business to generate positive income and economic cycles. Even if the market falls, it will not affect the continued development and operation of the project.
  • At the same time, our team is working closely with VC and major CEXs, the new round of financing and listing is on-going, you will see that soon!

2. Are there plans to optimize the game for PCs in lower virson?

  • The current focus of development is on new features and the building of an open world metaverse, including maintaining high visuals. Of course, we will continue to optimize and strive to allow more users to experience Realy metaverse. We will launch the Mac/mobile version very soon to break the limitations of the device.

3. Hope the team will resume the concert as soon as possible and increase the duration of the concert, when will the concert be back?

  • Previously, due to the short development time, the team did not focus too much on preventing cheating problems. However, cheating did seriously affect the fairness and the experience of our users in the community. The team is currently improving the anti-cheating system, and the concert will be expected to reopen before the end of this month. The effective time of the concert will be extended accordingly.

4. Any marketing plans in the future?

  • In Kooola city, we will launch the second and third virtual concerts, and will also hold a virtual fashion show. The team is cooperating with more artists, brands and media to promote ourselves.
  • For Realy itself, we will announce more related information about listing and investment.Realy has always been determined to create better products and obtain more resources. even though the current environment is not very good. When the market picks up, we must be the first metaverse and web3 projects to come out.

5. Does the team have plans to develop a daily task system?

  • Yes, it is in the pipeline.We will create daily tasks system for our Kooola citizens, even there’s no virtual concert you can still enjoy the metaverse and do daily tasks as real life and get rewarded!

6.Wish there will be a voice chat system

  • Good opinion, that’s also what we are thinking about! We want to make Realy a a real metaverse, people can engage with each other more easily, this is in our developing pipeline!
  • Users can conduct one-to-many real-time voice chat, but only between nearby users within a specified range; Users can conduct one-to-many real-time voice chat, provide “invite” and “join” and corresponding expansion functions, and create a list, only between users in the list; Based on functions or needs, add channels such as world chat, team chat, etc., and corresponding props that may appear (such as world channel speech props)

Come and join us!

Discord, https://discord.gg/realy

Telegram, https://t.me/realyofficial

Whitepaper: https://realy.pro/whitepaper.pdf